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lnyama Ebomvu - Red Meat

All our mains are Gluten free, if served without sauces. The tender prime cuts of beef are chargrilled & accompanied by 

  • choice of Rice, Chips or Baked Potato
  • Veg of the day/ Salad
  • Chioce of Sauce- Monkey gland, Mushroom, Pepper, Cheese, Garlic, Peri- Peri

The Serengeti Grill Guide   


Cooked for approximately 3 minutes each side, still very bloody.

Medium Rare

A predominantly bloody centre with grey edges


Predominantly grey with a slightly bloody centre

Medium Well

Grey from edge to edge with slight pink centre. No blood.

Well Done

Very firm with little juice. Grey throughout.




Pork Scotch Fillet $25.00 
 Thick juicy and full of flavours. 
 Sirloin Steak - 250g $34.00  
 One of the leaner cuts of meat.  
 Scotch Fillet 250gm $38.00 
 Scotch Fillet 500gm $55.00 
 Well-marbled and aged for a tender and juicy steak, Premium New Zealand Beef. Served on a skillet.  
 Madame Eye Fillet -  200 g $39.00 
 Master Eye Fillet -  300 g $55.00 
 The most tender and lean steak  
 Lamb Chops $36.00 
 Flame grilled braai- chops  
 Pork Spare1/2 Rack $28.00 
 Pork Spare Full Rack $38.00 
 Flame grilled whole rack of pork spare ribs cooked in our secret Serengeti basting sauce.  
 Complement Your mains with Extra Veg or Salad & Home made Sauces....
 Veg of the day,  Salad, Mushroom Sauce  $5.00
 CheddaMelt sauce $6.00
Side Sauce 
Monkey Gland Sauce, Pepper Sauce, Cheese Sauce, Garlic Sauce, Pink Sauce, Tartare Sauce, Peri-Peri Sauce.


PLEASE BE PATIENT, OUR STEAKS ARE WORTH THE WAIT. GRILL TIMES MAY VARY! If you require anything more than medium, it's going to be a little longer than now-now or just now!