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I've been here a couple times. Ive always received great service and awesome food. Ribs are to die for! Generous with the calamari serving also! Staff are very friendly. Would highly recommend! - Taita

Wow amazing service and amazing food... Felt like home... - Mandy

I was a bit worried that it wouldn't be the same as I remember but it hasn't failed to bring back memories of home....snails just like the Spur used to have complete with bread soldiers...perfect pap, perfect Boerewors and the yummiest has become a favourite treat. We drive all the way accross town to go there. - Dominique

I absolutely LOVE this place. As a typically non-meat eater, I fell in love with their ribs. Not only is the food delicious, the service is excellent and you can eat with a stunning view. I dropped some of my starter on the floor and the owner immediately replaced it, and some. He was a very funny and welcoming person and put us in a great mood all night. This was my first time visiting here and I highly recommend it! The best part was when they played Toto's "Africa" haha I'll definitely be back. - Kimi

These guys are amazing. The food is fantastic, the staff are so friendly, overlooking the beach and a whole room devoted to children including 2 play stations. - Asha